Custom patches

An ongoing project
Inspired by the 80s Gi Style

3 step for an Amazing Patches up Gi


Gis patches placement for an international competitor who competes under the IBJJF tournament needs to follow the Instruction below.

For Non Competitor Patches placement

If you are not a competitor than there is nothing to worry about, with TheGis there is no limitation on where you choose to place your patch, here are some suggestions of commons places to patches up your gi.

2. Patch ideas and Limitation

Please choose your patches according to our guideline

RULE: Do not use artwork from other Kimonos company ( their trademark, logo, artwork, brand ) or clothing brand ( Nike, Louis Vuitton, Bitis ), we have big respect for people who make those design and do not want to use their image without permission.

Limitation: Our print machine is capable of printing any type of image, colors except for GREY. Grey color will turn brownish.

1.Printed Patches requirement

When choosing the image to make a custom patch, please note the advice below for the best-printed quality.

  1. The best result for BIG PATCH (A3 paper size 297mm x 420mm) print: Image with more than 10mb of Pixel

  2. The average result for A3 paper size ( 297 x 420mm) print: Image with more than 5mb of Pixel

  3. For an image with actual print size under 10cm: 1mb~3mb of the pixel is acceptable

However, we will print what you send to us and follow your instruction, we will let you know if the image does not meet our print quality and can result poorly.

2. High-quality image library:

Here are some of our preferred site to find a High quality Image,

*Note: You must purchase the stock image yourself, we will not pay for the stock image.

An example of High quality Image from Shutter Stock

3. Design your own patches

You can design your own artwork on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, Paint, or even just a Photo. If you don't know how to design or to draw, you can hire a professional Graphic designer on Fiverr. Make sure to explain to them carefully about what you want them to make.

An example of artwork from Fiverr.

4. Just text patches idea

You can also choose to custom your patch with just text, in that case, you can choose YOUR OWN FONT, a nice text, font, and colors can result in an outstanding result. You can choose your font at:

Text patch.

3. Print, Shape, Sew, Size

Process: Choose the image => Print => Heat press => Sew

Shape and Size

4. Price

Our custom Patches start from 100k/Patch

1 small patch : 150k ( under 17cm )

1 big patch: 200k ( A3 paper size )


2 small patches: 200k ( under 17cm )

3 small patches: 250k ( under 17cm )

2 small patches 1 big Patch ( A3 paper ): 300k

3 small patch and 1 big patch: 350k

*A3 paper size = 297mm x 420mm

Decorative layer ( on going )

If the image bellow is too small you can follow this link to have a better look:

This layer of fabric will be sew inside your gi

An example of the decorative layer.
Red cross are sold out